Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hearing is exercise for ears,but listening is exercise for brain


HEARING is one of the traditional five senses. It is ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations via an organ such as the ear. LISTENING is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding. They assume that they have heard what their opponent is saying many times before, so rather than paying attention, they focus on how they can respond.

"Hearing is exercise for the ears"

We often used our ears to hear but sometimes we simply doesn't care what are the things we actually hear. Hearing is exercise for the ear and can brought lots of meaning in term of hearing. For example when we hear to something such as the sound of the construction building, we simply ignored it even though we heard it as loud as there is an earthquakes going on.

Same as we hear some foreign language or music such as the korean song or japanese song, we didn't even understand what are they saying or the message they've been trying to express via their song, but we simply like it!!! In other word, we love to hear the song and "feel" with it without even trying to interpret or understand the song.

For a special case like an individual that have a problem with their hearing system,which the ears, they experiencing difficulty in detecting the source of the sound. Luckily, there is still hope for them to overcome this problem which is by doing some hearing exercise to their ears that requires lot of hardwork and patience in order to improve their ears back.

"Listening is excercise for the brain"

As we all know, the brain is interpreting most of 8O% of the information from the sound that we perceive through our surrounding. With the sound interpreted which perceive from the surrounding, automatically the brain interpret the sound which is converted into electricals signal and transmitted to the brain via all the neuron inside our body. All this activity is done involuntarilly.

Listening is excercise for the brain; means when we listen to someone preaching or speech, we paying fully attention to what they deliver to the audience and to us. Every words enter our ears and interpreted by the brain, this eventually will develope another skill which will sharpening the used of the brain to our daily life.

"Differences between hearing and listening"

As we all know about hearing and listening, both of it are totaly difference on how they've been used. In the hearing situation, that is a simply the act of perceiving sound by the ears but for the listening, that is a something consciously choose to do. Listening also requires concentration so that our brain process meaning from words and sentences. Besides that, we can exercise our brain in listening and can exercise our ears by hearing.

In conclusion, hearing and listening have differences in term of how they've been used in our everyday life. But one thing they share or have in common is both of them give more benefits to our life. Even by listening to a certain discussed topics, it can train our brain to be more sensitive and build critical thinking. On the other hand, hearing also can comfort our heart when we're in sorrow or heartbroken, of course in a special way, such as hearing some music that barely described what we feel right on that moment. Even though we're not interprete what's the true meaning of the song, but as long we hear and drift along with the song, it can fill our loneliness while we're alone.

WE agreed the statement that "hearing is the excercise for the ears, listening is the excercise for the brain".

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